The writer by Richard Wilbur Poem

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Could you please help me I have no idea what this poem means it's so confusing. Thanks for your time.
God bless.

And could you help me with these questions about the poem.
1. In "The Writer," what is the speaker's daughter trying to write?
2. What does the speaker wish for the daugher?
3.Why do you think the speaker is reminded of the trapped starling as the daughter writes?Consider the evidence.

  • The writer by Richard Wilbur Poem -

    Have you read this poem? Question 1 is answered very clearly in the third line.

    After you've come up with answers to these three questions, we'll be glad to comment on them.

  • Confused?? to the poem -

    Yes I have read it it didn't make any bit of sense

  • The writer by Richard Wilbur Poem -

    Sometimes if you read a poem aloud, it makes more sense. After you read a line, stop and see if you can reword it.

    MsSue gave away the answer to #1. Just LOOK at line 3 and what is the last word?

    Line 9 for the answer to question #2.

    After you've read the first 15 lines, you should be able to answer the 3rd question.


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