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Jennifer is a 29-year-old administrative assistant married to Antonio, an Italian engineer, whom Jennifer met four years earlier while on a business trip for her marketing company. The couple now lives in Nebraska, where Antonio works for the county's transportation department and Jennifer commutes an hour each way to her marketing office. They have been trying to start a family for over a year. Eight months ago, Jennifer miscarried in her second month of pregnancy. Antonio's parents love Jennifer and often ask her if she is expecting again, hoping to encourage her to focus on her next baby. Jennifer's mother passed away two years ago and her father's health is rapidly deteriorating. Jennifer faces the probability of placing her father in a skilled nursing care facility within the next few months, against his wishes.

At work, Jennifer runs a tight ship. She is organized and prepares lists to assure that everything is done according to schedule. Everyone counts on Jennifer and she takes pride in never letting people down.

Jennifer has visited her physician numerous times in the last six months, complaining of headaches, backaches, and indigestion. Jennifer insists that she is happy and is not feeling stressed, yet she finds herself making more mistakes at work, unable to keep up with housework, and feeling tired and overwhelmed; she has begun to question her effectiveness as an employee, wife, daughter, and potential mother. Her pains seem to be increasing, but her doctor cannot find a physical cause for her discomfort.

The question is : How might Jennifers Situation Illustrate Adjustments? Pyshcial adjustments

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    We do not do your homework for you. After you have done some reading and writing, we will be happy to read what you have written and make further suggestions.

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    Ok, Well What I think this means is, something like this, but I am not sure: Jennifer would want to take over the counter medications to help reduce the headaches and the backaches. Also a over the counter medication to help the indigestion that has been occuring. Jennifer is always being counted on at work and does like to let her co-workers down. I think Jennfier should ask some her co-workers to help out until she feels like she can take on her full resonsiablites. Jennifers husband Antonio should help with some of the house work to take some of the stress off of Jennifer, seeing that by the time she gets home from work she is so tired and wants to sleep.

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    Things to think about:

    Being organized and in control of situations is important to Jennifer.
    What has she NOT been able to "organize and control"?
    What might this be making her feel about her life?
    You used the word "stress". What are some of the symptoms of "stress".
    What kind of pressure are her inlaws , her father, putting on her?

    What additional "adjustments" might need to be made?

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