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could you please check this god bless.
Directions are using the following words ma, mon, mes, ta, ton, tes, sa, son, and seu

1. Qui est ----- amie.
Answer: Mon amie est Briana.

2. Qui est----- ami.
Answer: Mon ami est Alex.

3. Ou habitent ----- grands-parents.
Answer: Mes grands - parents habite est Sunset Hills

  • Hint READ -

    First fill in the blank then rewrite sentence using either mon, ma, or mes

  • French 1 -

    3. The answer should be: Mes grands-parents habitent Sunset Hills.

  • French 1 -

    WAIT! When it says fill in the blank FIRST you must do that. Without doing that you can not answer the question!

    1. Qui est mon ami? (Who is MY friend.) Now, if you answer that in English FIRST, you will have less trouble. You are speaking to ME. So you will answer "YOUR friend is Briana." Now try the French: "TON (or VOTRE) amie est Briana.

    You have to READ and FOLLOW the directions FIRST! If this is NOT what you are to do, let me know! If you have a decent textbook, it will give you CLEAR instructions and a MODEL for the first one so you know exactly what to do! Which textbook, edition, etc. do you have? If I have the same text, it will be easier to know what you are doing!

    OK, once again, answering questions in French is difficult at first, so try the following until it's easy:
    1. READ the question in French.
    2. TRANSLATE the question into English, so you know what you are answering.
    3. ANSWER that English question FIRST>
    4. NOW put it into French!

    Now you try #2 and #3 first. Remember that you must know WHOSE friend and WHOSE grandparents!

    Sra (aka Mme)

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