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Evaluate the definite integral:
[4,8] (4x^2+10)/(x^(1/2)) dx

Been trying this for about 1 hour. Very frustrated, thank you.

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    The integrand is the sum of two terms,
    4 x^(3/2) + 10 x^(-1/2)
    Integrate them separately and add the results. The indefinite integral is
    (8/5) x^(5/2) + 20 x^(1/2)
    Evaluate that at x=8 and subtract the value of the same function at x = 4.

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    get rid of the denominator

    (4x^2 + 10)/(x^(1/2))

    =4x^(3/2) + 10x^(-1/2)

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    glad we agree so far

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