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Mr. Rose wants to install wall-to-wall carpeting in his living room. The carpeting will cost $15.50 per square yard, the padding will cost $3.50 per square yard, and the installation is $2.50 per square yard. What will it cost him to carpet the living room which is 13ft by 13ft?

  • geometry -

    The number of square yards is (13/3)^2 = 18 7/8

    Multiply that by the cost per yard of carpeting, padding and installation (totalling 21.50/sq yd) for the final answer.

    In a real installation, you may have to buy more than 18 7/8 yards, to avoid having to patch together a lot of scrap pieces.

  • geometry -

    15.50 + 3.50 + 2.50 = 21.50 dollars/square yard
    a square yard is 3 feet by three feet or 9 square feet.
    21.5 dollars/square yard * 1 square ydard/9 square feet = 2.39 dollars / square foot
    13*13 = 169 square fee needed
    169 square feet * 2.39 dollars /square foot = $403.72
    That carpet is too expensive, go to a discount place.

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