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Ok, I am writing two articles for my journalism class. We write the newspaper. So my first article is about what type of dog Obama is going to get for the white house and his kids. I talk about the two breeds of dogs they are choosing and a little about each of them. What else should I add?
The second article I need help coming up with something to write about. It can be an opinions, news, student life. Do you have any ideas? Thank you so very much.

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    In your first article, you could include the feelings of the Obama daughters and parents about each breed. Why would one breed be better than the other for this particular family?

    For your second article -- how about a profile of a student leader?
    Or -- student reactions to today's inauguration?
    Or -- an interview with your cooks in the school cafeteria?
    Or -- an interview with your principal or counselor about the school drop out rates?
    Or -- interviews with a few recent drop outs about why they left school?

    It's your school. What other issues are important?

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    hey, thank you!! :)

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    Hey -- You're welcome!

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