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1. Solve.

(3, 4, 2)

(-2 ,1, 2)

(2, 2, -2)

(1, 1, -2)

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    The school subject is math, not college.

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    You could either substitute the 4 sets of values into one equation or start solving:

    1. 2x+3y+4z=2
    2. 5x-2y+3z=0
    3. x-5y-2z=-4

    Equ 1 x 2

    Equ 2 x 3

    add 19x+17z=4

    from by inspection z must be opposite sign to x and x equals z so B) and C) are possible answers.

    You could either continue solving the equations or substitute the two sets in say equation 1.

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