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This is a book review that I have wrote for Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Could you please check if I have any obvious mistakes and give me a comment for this? Or a grade out of 20?

1. Title: Jane Eyre
2. Author: Charlotte Bronte
3. Genre: Romance, Gothic, Bildungsroman
4. Date and Place of Publication: 1999, 8B East Street, Ware, Hertfordshire, the United Kingdom
5. Publisher: Wordsworth Classics
6. Narrator: 1st person
7. Point of view: Jane Eyre
8. Tense: Past tense
9. Setting (time and place/s): Various places of England: Gateshead Hall, Lowood School, Thornfield Hall, Marsh End, and Ferndean of the early 1800¡¯s
10. Protagonist: Jane Eyre
11. Characteristics of Protagonist (physical and emotional): Jane Eyre is an orphan who spends an unhappy, unfair childhood with her aunt and three cousins. She is potentially passionate, is honest, faithful to God, hardworking, values dignity and integrity, and quite accomplished. Also, she is very conscientious about her principles and is confident of what is morally right or wrong. As she grew up as an unwelcome orphan, she feels excluded and longs to belong somewhere. She is plain, small, and has an elfin look. Her eyes are green and hair brown.
12. Other characters: Mrs. Reed and her children Eliza, Georgiana and John are Jane¡¯s relatives of Thornfield. Ms. Temple and Helen Burns are two people whom Jane met at Lowood School who were very influential to her later life. Edward Fairfax Rochester is a ¡®peculiar¡¯ master of the Thornfield Hall Jane falls in love with. Adele Varens is Mr. Rochester¡¯s daughter who Jane teaches as a governess. Grace Poole is employed to watch and keep Bertha Mason, Mr. Rochester¡¯s mad wife. Blanche Ingram is an attractive woman who wants to marry Mr. Rochester for his money. Diana, Mary and St. John Rivers meet Jane and find out that she is their cousin.
13. Central problem/conflict: After becoming free from the Reeds and the Lowood School, Jane Eyre faces an internal conflict at Thornfield Hall where she goes to earn money as a governess: she and Mr. Rochester fall in love with each other, but after learning that he has a legitimate wife alive, she forces herself to tear away from him and the house to loyally obey the rule of God and her own moral principles.
14. Climax: After getting the marriage proposal from St. John, she almost accepts it, but as she did not succumb to the temptations of true love, she does not sacrifice herself to marry with him to abandon emotions and live as a missionary. At this point, she hears the Mr. Rochester¡¯s voice calling her and decides to go back to him.
15. Resolution: Jane returns to Thornfield and sees that it has burned down. After finding out that Bertha Mason set fire at the house and died there while Mr. Rochester lost sight and a hand, and that he is living in Ferndean. They finally meet each other and get married.
16. Theme/s (main message in the story): The theme of the novel is pleasure and comfort versus moral and religious duties. As little loved as she was since childhood, she could sacrifice everything to be loved by someone she loved, but as she matures, she teaches herself to follow her life principles and the church¡¯s law. Nonetheless, she does not accept St. John¡¯s marriage proposal because she knows it would signal the end of her real emotion, passion and love.
17. Rate the story out of ten and give at least two reasons for your rating: I would rate this book ten out of ten. The novel was quite above my reading level, but I enjoyed studying how Jane Eyre¡¯s passionate characteristics changed to integral, if not ideal, characteristics. The way how the protagonist overcame each conflict and yet faced another one bravely without resenting anyone was impressive. Also, the parts regarding Bertha Mason added suspense and tougher moods to the plot. Also, by using first-person narrator, I could better see the protagonist¡¯s inner conflict and thoughts.

Thank you very much! Have a nice day!

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    BTW = it is "I have WRITTEN." Here are a few typos:

    #9 = early 1800¡¯s = 1800's (I notice everywhere you need a hyphen, you have an upside-down exclamatory mark.

    #12 = Jane¡¯s = Jane's...¡®peculiar¡¯ = "peculiar"... Jane falls in love with. = (word order) = with whom Jane falls in love. ... Rochester¡¯s daughter who = Rochester's daughter whom ... Mr. Rochester¡¯s = Rochester's...

    #14. to marry with him = (drop "with") = to marry him...hears the Mr. Rochester¡¯s voice = (drop "the") = hears Mr. Rochester's voice

    #15. and that he is living in Ferndean. = This is not a complete sentence. You need to rework it.

    #16. church¡¯s law = church's law... St. John¡¯s marriage = John's...

    #17. Eyre¡¯s p = Eyre's..... The way how = drop "how" and if you have anything there it might be "in which"... protagonist¡¯s = protagonist's

    Having been so distracted by the typos, I would not attempt to give this a score at this time.


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    I'm so sorry to trouble you with these typos! And thanks so much for the corrections! But in my computer, I don't have any upside down exclamatory marks. They are both apostrophes. I don't know why it shows that way. (weird!!) And when you said hyphens, doesn't it mean - ? Anyways you have been so kind to tend to my stupid mistakes!!! I will try to be more careful next time. Still, could you try to give a score, just roughly? (Does the content match the actual story?)

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    oops!~ You are absolutely right = I said "hyphen" but I meant "apostrophy."

    Other than the typos it looks like y ou have the information. Let's say 17/20? But with corrections, it's going to be better! Do not feel bad about typos; we are ALL human! :)


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    pretty good. just a few typos. I'd rate it 17

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