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If 1.2 is (less than or equal to) a (less than or equal to 5.1
3 (less than or equal to) b (less than or equal to 6)
Then find the highest possible value for the quotient a/b. Give your answer as a decimal.

Would it be 1.2/3, or 0.4.

Thank you!

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    in any fraction, if the denominator becomes larger, the value of the fraction becomes smaller.
    So you want your denominator to be as small as possible, namely b = 3

    And as the numerator of a fraction becomes larger, its value also becomes larger, so you want the numerator to be as large as possible, namely a=5.1

    so the largest possible value is 5.1/3 = 1.6666...

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    Thanks for your help!

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