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what are your limitations? how do you compensate for them?

this is something i have never thought about before and i just don't know what my limitations are!!! i need to fill out a school form. it sounds weird but can someone please help me figuring out what 'limitations' can be???
thanks for your help!!!

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    Your limitations are your weaknesses -- things you cannot do -- at least do well.

    My limitations include my short height, my lack of athletic ability, and difficulty in comprehending some math and science concepts.

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    On a sheet of paper, draw a line down the middle. On the left side list your strong points (what you do best) and on the right side list your limitations (what you don't do very well).
    For example, strong points might be good personality, like to be around people, like to be helpful, etc. On the limitations side, you might list sports because of small size, agility because of a missing leg, etc.

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    thank you so much Ms. Sue! You always help me whenever i need it. Thanks once again!!! :)

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    You're welcome -- and DrBob also gave you excellent advice.

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    Thank you so much!!! :-)

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    I am very bad at math, always have been.
    I am overweight, always have been.

    But I have qualities which are very positive too, which help me overcome my limitations.

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    Thank you so much. Thanks to everyone who helped. I'm getting to know it even better. I appreciate your help. Thank You once again!!!

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