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Think of two things that can have human body parts substituted for their own. What parts does a clock have that a human body has? Now use the objects you though of in a line of poetry.

The face of Big Ben watches over the city of London.

Big Ben's hands showed that it was eleven thirty.


Someone please help me with one more line of poetry for this. Can't think of anything else that a clock has that can be made into a personification.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

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    How about a "face"? See what you can do with that?

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    I already have a face.

    The 'face' of big ben watches over the city of london.

    any other suggestions?

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    How about --

    The heart of Big Ben is the mechanism that keeps it going.

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    How about -- do it yourself. it's your homeowork.

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    Lol !

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