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Please help! y=2x
I need to find the inverse, and I am wonderingif the inverse is x= 2y or f-1 = x/2????

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    if u have the calculator isnt the inverse buttom -1

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    to find the inverse of a function takes 2 steps
    1. interchange the x and y variables
    so y = 2x becomes x = 2y
    2. Solve this new equation for y
    2y = x
    y = x/2

    so you are correct.

    for linear function of the type f(x) = mx + b
    it is easy to form the inverse mentally by just "reversing" the steps and operations.

    e.g. y = 3x -5

    the inverse would be y = (x+5)/3

    for the first, after picking any x,
    we multiplied by 3 then subtracted 5

    for the second, after picking any x,
    we added 5 and then divided by 3

    notice that not only did we perform the inverse operations, but we also performed those inverse operations in reverse order.

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