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Determine wether the following acids are strong or weak?

NOTE: all numbers in the chemical compounds below are subscripts belonging to the element before it, NOT COEFFICIENTS.


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    If you don't already have the common acids memorized, look in a set of ionization tables in the back of your book. If the Ka is listed it is a weak acid, If it isn't listed, it is a strong acid (or the table is incomplete). The common acids are HCl HBr HI HClO4 HClO3 H2SO4 HNO3. For H2SO4 it is only for the first ionization; the second one is relatively strong but still weak since k2 = about 10^-2.
    I was unable to find anything on H2SO5 but my best guess is that it is weak. And I haven't heard of HNO4, perhaps you meant HNO3.

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