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Hello! I'm a French-speaking student and I had an English exam this morning. We had to translate a text and 10 isolated sentences from French into English. This is, more or less, what I wrote for the text. What do you think of it? If you don't mind, could you correct the mistakes?

Thank you :)

Alzheimer, the public enemy number one

Forgetting a name, a date, or the thing we wanted to fetch in the kitchen are random examples of memory loss. There’s no need to be concerned with such moments of distraction which don’t have any serious consequences. However, these memory disorders increase with the age… and can perturb anyone’s daily life.

When those memory losses affect the person’s normal functions, the Alzheimer disease will be pointed out. If, as we speak, the scientific researchers who specialize in this field haven’t found the exact causes of the disease, they keep on bringing about elements that may help us answer some of our questions. What do we know about the so-called “plague of the 21st century”?

While the scientists couldn’t find a “responsible” for the disease, they have identified a series of factors of risk: those that seem to have an influence of any kind on the appearance or progression of the illness. Among those, the age factor comes first: the organism’s natural fixing mechanisms become less efficient as the person grows old.

Heredity is another factor.

The disease can be divided in two distinct forms: the genetic form and the sporadic form. Whereas the latter is the most common and cannot be transmitted genetically, the genetic form affects 7 % of the population suffering from Alzheimer disease.

If the diagnose is, of course, hard to accept, the earlier it is made, the better the disease can be treated. Today, there’s no treatment that may enable the person to heal or stop the progression of the illness. But medicines already exist: they make the illness’s evolution slower and the symptoms less serious. They thus mean a better quality of life for the patient and the people surrounding him or her.

  • Translation exam (from French into English) -

    Yes, this I can do without seeing the French!

    increase with the age = this is a bit stilted and would read better as = increase with age

    bringing about elements = bringing up elements (?)

    couldn’t find a “responsible” for the disease, = because "responsible" is an adjective and you require a noun = "response" or "answer"

    as the person grows old. = perfectly correct, but being "old" perhaps "older" seems kinder? :)

    Sra (aka Mme)

    P.S. Because I read your other post first, now I can go back and just check the English. You have done an excellent job.

  • Translation exam (from French into English) -

    Thank you very much again :))

    "bringing about elements = bringing up elements (?)" The original version says "apporter des éléments", is it "bringing up elements"?

    "as the person grows old. = perfectly correct, but being "old" perhaps "older" seems kinder? :)" Sure, but the original version refers clearly to old age ("en vieillissant").

    Thanks again and until next time ;)

  • Translation exam (from English into French) -

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