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A Better Man
Looking back at my life I see that I have made many mistakes. All due to my lack of patience and never listening to what my mother told me. If I had only listened to her words of wisdom and had taken into consideration what I was told I would have same myself a lot of trouble. However I took my own path of direction and did things my way not following the guidance of my mother. At the same time, I do not regret the choices I have made. It has better prepared me for what lies ahead and I feel has made me into the better man that I have become.
The one major lesson I learned was to always be prepared for the unknown. It is kind of a hard lesson to learn. One may question how can I prepare for something when I do not know what it is. This was how I felt at first, but sometimes you have to think outside the box. Things are not always going to be right there in front of you. My mother always said you must think before you react, if you do not do so you will fail most of the time. As a child though, all I did was come up of with ways to have fun. What can you expect though, I was a child and playing was all I could think about; what could I get myself into. I failed to think, which led to many problems in my young life. It seem like as I got older the lessons tended to become harder. I had entered high school; someone should teach me the new lesson. Going into high school there should have been a transition point. I failed to recognize it so I continued to make mistakes. Remember, I still did not know what my first lesson meant when my mother told me to always be prepared for the unknown. I was starting the in ninth grade and high school was a completely new thing. I began to have many new friends who could drive. Going out was much more fun than staying in the house. My mother tried to tell me to stay more focused in school. I did not pay much attention because I always did my work at the last minute and would always receive a decent grade. Things quickly changed; I started to come to school late all the time and when I did I would just walk the halls and then I slept in class. I missed a lot of school work which caused me to fall behind early in high school. It was time for the finals and as the teacher placed the paper down in front of me all I could hear was my mother voice: “Always be prepared for the unknown”. I was trying to figure that out, I had known that finals were around the corner and I had allowed myself to mess up right before those finals. See, sometimes the unknown could be known, like I said earlier, it could be right in front of you.
I was taught to value education. My mother always told me to take education seriously. I felt as if she was saying this because of the current situation we were in as a family. At first I did not think much about how school could benefit me, I only went to school because I had to. I started to realize how important education is in getting a good paying job, and that is what finally motivated me. I was tired of seeing my mother worry about how she was going to pay all the bills and continue to keep food on the table. Taking my education seriously would allow me to get an good job then she wouldn’t have to worry no more because I would be able to help out around the house finicahally. After high school, I quickly reentered school going to college and plan not to stop studying since. Instead of going to work full time to make money right away like a lot of other kids, I saw the goods from education from others who make good money, having good jobs. Again, the advice from mom is something that continues to come up in my head.
I always thought my mother just was talking to be talking, and it would irritate me sometimes. I did not really take in what she had to say, but I finally did realize the lesson my mother was trying to instill in me. I respect all elders now for the lesson that can be passed on to not only me but the younger generation. I am now wiser, and a better man.

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    Student of Fortune did a fine job. It wasn't hard to find on the internet.


    Is this supposed to be your own essay??

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    this is my own essay. they helped me with it eariler but i added to it

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    Ok, just make sure you don't get into that Plagerism thing...that would not be good.

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