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After 35 minutes of jogging, at the 9-km point in a total 10-km race, jogger A is behind the leader and moving at the same speed. What would have to be your accelearation in order to catch up to the finish line? Assuming the leader maintains a constant speed the rest of the race.

Is the answer 3.7

Also for the last question regarding the donuts I used your method for part b and it said the answer is wrong. It want s the answer in meters.

  • How far behind? -

    Need to know how far behind runner A is at 9 km
    then figure time for leader to run the last km at 9 km /35 min rate
    In that time A mus increase speed so that he covers 1 km plus the distance behind in that time
    his average speed is then (1 + distance behind)/time for leader to finish
    his final speed is then found from
    average speed = (final + original)/2
    then the constant acceleration is
    a = (final speed - original speed)/time

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