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how do i draw lewis structures for:
CH2Cl2, CH3OH and NH3 .. plz help

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    Can't do them on these boards. CH2Cl2 will have 20 electrons.

    Now place two dots, representing a pair of electrons, at the dashes. On top add a H with two dots between C and H, and on the bottom add Cl with two dots between Cl and C. Then add two more dots around right Cl at top, right side, and bottom. On the lower Cl, add two dots right side, bottom and left side.
    That should be 20 electrons.
    Do CH3OH same way. It will have 14 electrons.
    Hope that looks ok. You will need to add two electrons top and bottom of O.
    Should have 8 electrons.
    Hope this looks ok.

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    thank so much

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