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this is one of the journals i have to do for this course. i really don't understand it . can someone give me and example of what this is saying?
"Choose a topic you feel strongly about. Then, think of a single concrete IMAGE that suggests your feelings. In a paragraph, include your image in a way that communicates your feelings but doesn't express them directly"should be a paragraph
it's saying to not name the emotion directly, bt the readers should be able to identify it and your feelings about it from your really confused

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    "Choose a topic you feel strongly about."
    * What do you feel strongly about? A sport? A particular song? Music in general? Honesty? Justice? Your religion? A special friend? Abortion? Family?

    "Then, think of a single concrete IMAGE that suggests your feelings.

    "In a paragraph, include your image in a way that communicates your feelings but doesn't express them directly."

    Once you've chosen your topic and an image, write your paragraph. We'll be glad to comment on it if you post it here.

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    ok. so lets say i chose to write on religion...what "image" can i write on. i still don't get that

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    Religions have many symbols -- Ten Commandments, a Pieta statue, cross, menorrah, crescent moon and star, etc.

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    Perhaps it's the word "image" causing your difficulty?

    image = (1) a mental picture of something not actually present : IMPRESSION (2) : a mental conception held in common by members of a group and symbolic of a basic attitude and orientation
    (3) a vivid or graphic representation or description
    (5) a popular conception (as of a person, institution, or nation) projected especially through the mass media <promoting a corporate image of brotherly love and concern

    For example, some one says the word "religion." Close your eyes and what do you "imagine?"


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    ok. all of that helped alot. i will be sure to post up my paragraph as soon as im done :)

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    one more my writing supposed to be on my topic or the image??
    like religiom or the crecent moon and the star???

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    topic: religion
    Image(symbol): crecent and star

    The crecent moon and star symbolize the Lord that a religion Islam follows. It is not exactly a symbol of Islam but an image or indirect symbol of it. The moon describes the lunar calendar that they follow. Many Islamic countries follow this symbol by keeping it on their flag.

    this is what i wrote..please tell me if i need any corrections. thnks Ms.Sue and Sra :)

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