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Can you tell me about fish broadly?
How they live , types,nutrition facts, habitat, life span, etc.But please not too detailed.


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    You see the trouble is that I am from Gloucester, Massachusetts where the main industry is fishing. Even in our own little Gulf of Maine there are so many different species of fish with different habitats and life styles that I would not know where to start (there is a famous book by a man named Bigelow about them), and that does not count the fresh water ones in the streams and ponds and the in between ones like alewives and blue back herring that come in from the ocean to streams or ponds to spawn. Some fish eat tiny larvae and plankton and algae. Some eat shellfish (striped bass and cod in particular have a hankering for little lobsters). Many eat smaller fish or in the case of slime eels (hagfish) for example, eat larger fish from the inside out. Some like flounders often live on flat bottom and some like cod and haddock tend to be found around ledges. Some like herring and mackerel and tuna roam around the bleak ocean (pelagics) while others tend to hang around specific areas toward the bottom. Some like warm water and some like cold water.
    So you see you have to be much more specific about what kind of fish and where.

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    Here is a link to the original Bigelow report. This is only about the Gulf of Maine off MA, NH, ME, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia of course but is official and has everything you could possibly need. Or at least it has everything I need to know:

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