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You want to paint a wall that is 8 3/4 feet high and 11 1/4 feet long. You have a can of paint that will cover 200 square feet with one coat.
A. find the area of the wall.

b. if you want to apply two coats of paint , do you have enough paint? explain

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    Area of wall is 8.75 x 11.25 = 98.4375 square feet. So 200 foot coverage should be easy to do.
    Two coats = 2 x 98.475 = less than 200 so two coats can be applied.
    Be careful with the number of significant digits. I am assuming these are EXACT numbers; therefore, I included all of the digits.

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    (A.) Area = length*width

    (B.) See if you have enough paint to cover twice that area. (The amount of paint you have should be more than twice the area of the wall.)

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    A. 98 7/16ft^2 b. Yes. Two coats will take enough paint for 2*98 7/16 = 196 7/8 square feet, which is less than the 200 square feet the paint should cover

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