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One hiking club charges $20 to become a member and $5 to participate on each hike. Anotherclub charges no membership fee, but charges $7 to participate on each hike. How many hikes must you go on to make the first club more economical ?(:

  • math help pleaseee (: ! <345 -

    Just make up a table of cost vs number of hikes for each club

    #Hikes #1 Cost #2 Cost
    0 20 0
    2 30 14
    4 40 28
    6 50 42
    8 60 56
    10 70 70

    The club with the membership fee is more economical if you take more than 10 hikes.

  • math help pleaseee (: ! <345 -

    11. It is $20 to start, every hike, you are charged $2 more from the second company. If you divide 20 by 2, 10 will be even and at 11 it will be 2 $ more.

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