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work problem math

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The theater seats 300 people . How many seats were not sold for the musical? What fraction of the total seats available for the musical were sold as walk-in tickets? If reserved seats cost $12.50 , how much did the theater make from reserved seats to the musical?

Musical reserved seats= 255
walk-ins = 30

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    I worked your last problem. Now it's your turn.

    What do you think the answer is?

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    15 seats not sold.

    1 % of walk in tickets.

    The theatre made $3187.5

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    Ms Sue may be busy. 15 seats not sold is correct. $3187.50 is correct for the amount of money the theater made from the 255 reserved seats sold. The middle answer is not correct; first because it asks for a fraction (and not %) and second because it's the wrong answer. The question asks for the fraction of the total seats available were sold to walk ins. That will be 30 walk ins/300 seats available = 30/300 which reduces to 1/10 as a fraction.

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    S-1 = 20

    3 1
    - = - + F
    5 5

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