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I went through the review packet - I would also have to scan the book pages the final is on the 13th of January.

I would be willing to meet anytime next week sat or sunday - and have your tutor. I have been told you are the only that makes spanish make sense - with all a's going into finals it is important to feel confident.
Can I put my email address on here -

My husband is an atty - you can check out his firm etc - We have tried two spanish tutors and while they were great they were not as easy to understanad as I am told you are. A grateful mom

  • sra JMcGuin spanish -

    Bob thought you were going to scan the review packet for him, and send your e-mail but he didn't receive it. If you spend 2-1/2 hours or so just traveling, Sam could spend that time studying. Helping students is my service, now that I'm retired. Next week I have a lot of doctor/dentist appointments so it's easiest for me to help him here, if possible.

    Can you tell me his text book and what the review packet includes? It's really safest not to post e-mail addresses here.


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