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Does anyone know a list of baby animals in French, or know specifically what these are?

~baby bunny

~baby "Sanglier"

~baby "vache"

~baby turkey

~baby "Cane"

~baby cerf

~baby "jars"

~baby "jument"

Merci for your help

  • French -

    lapereau = le bébé du lapin = baby bunny

    marcassin = le bébé du sanglier

    veau / vachette = le bébé de la vache

    dindonneau = le bébé de la dinde = baby turkey

    canardeau, caneton = le bébé de la cane

    faon = le bébé du cerf

    oison = le bébé du jars

    poulain = le bébé de la jument

    Sometimes you gave me the masculine animal and other times you gave me the female. Hopefully, you know that!

    Sra (aka Mme)

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