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what are the braches of home economics

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    Here is a quote from a good Wiki article about the subject:

    <<The content of Home Economics varies but might include: food, nutrition and health; textiles and clothing; shelter and housing; consumerism and consumer science; household management; design and technology; food science and hospitality; human development and family studies; education and community services, among others>>

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    Here is a tidbit of information not found on the Internet. I taught at a university that had a department of home economics. Universities, colleges, high schools, and trade school nationwide were named home economics. The department head at my university complained for years that they were known as the cooking an sewing department, while, in fact, they did much more than that. Beginning about 15 or 20 years ago, the name slowly began to change throughout the country. Family and Home Services, Family and Consumer Science, Home and Family Services, and a variety of other names now point to the old Home Economics departments. The faculty in that discipline are trying very hard to educate the nation that they are about more than just cooking and sewing.

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