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which of the following best describes the situation of freedmen in the decade following the civil war?

a. each was given 40 acres of land and a mule by the union government

b. all were immediately granted political equality by the Emancipation Proclamation

c. the majority entered sharecropping arrangements with former masters or other nearby planters

d. they were required to pass a literacy test before being granted U.S citizenship

e. they supported the passage of the black codes to ensure their economic and political rights.

is it c?

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    Yes. C. is the right answer.

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    Although many chose to become "tenant farmers" as a means of survival, it was not the majority. I believe the correct answer is (b)

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    Ms Sue knows the subject better than I.

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    The Emancipation Proclamation was limited in its scope and did not guarantee political equality. The 15th Amendment, passed in 1870, did give all men the right to vote. However, it was still difficult in many places for blacks to cast their votes.

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