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On a set of bluepints the scale is half an inch=4feet
Find the actual lengthof a room that measures 2.8 inches on the blueprint

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    How many half inches are in 2.8 inches? that is how many 4 feet are in the room.

    Feet in Room=4* 2.8/.5

    check my thinking.

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    How can the room be only 9.4 feet, when 1 inch = 8 feet?

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    I set up another porportion and cross multiplied, and i got what you told me...
    8ft over 1in = x over 2.8 and I crossed multiplied to get 22.4

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    Set up a proportion.

    0.5 / 4 = 2.8 / x

    Cross multiply.

    0.5x = 4 * 2.8
    0.5x = 11.2
    x = 22.4

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