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At my school there is this History Day Project and I'm doing it on Atlantis, but I need some help with the
conclusion and significance in hisory and Analysis/Critical thinking.

Analysis/Critical Thinking- While primary sources are the core to any historical research, analysis and critical thinking are the nucleas of interpretation. Anaysis refers to looking at each source or piece of evidence, asking and determining what it means. Critical thinking is using logic. When researching a topic, be sure to compare and contrast and identify the pros and cons of the topic. Asking questions and comparing and contrasting are means for the analysis and critical thinking of the entry topic. Statistics are often used in analysis.

Significance in History- Part of the judging criteria for History Day entries is determining the significance in history. Students should ask why is the topic siginificance in history. Successful entries include topics that are significant to society and humanity today and to our future.

Conclusion- Each enttry must present a conclusion based on the research of the factual evidences. A conclusion is not viewed as right or wrong, but should be based on fact. The conclusion must answer, confirm, or deny the original thesis statement. the conclusion must reflect the impact of the topic today.

thesis: Atlantis is described in Plato’s two Dialogues that explain what the people were like and what was the story behind it. Also, there are other records that describe Atlantis and have the story behind Atlantis.

  1. drwls

    All you have presented is the guidelines for writing the essay. You need to do some research on Atlantis and form your own conclusions or summary.

    Learn more about the evidence that Atlantis existed. It is now widely believed that parts remain as the island of Santorini, where a volcano exploded about the same time that the Minoan civilization was wiped out on Crete, a large island in the same area.

    A good place to start would be
    (Broken Link Removed)

    A web or library search will find you many more.

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