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One piece of ribbon is 1 26/27 yards long, another is 8 5/7 yards long and the third is 12 5/9 yards long. What is the total number of yards?

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    You are going to have to find a common denominator for the fraction parts of those numbers before adding them.

    The common denominator is 27x7 = 189

    26/27 = 182/189
    5/7 = 135/189
    5/9 = 105/189
    Sum of fractions 422/189 = 2 44/189
    Add to that the sum of the integers 1,8 and 12 (=21). The answer is
    23 44/189 yards

    That is the exact answer. It is easier to do in decimal form and just round off. That would give you 23.2328...

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