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The container is coated with 2 layers of specialty paint that costs $6.05 per jar. Each jar pf paint covers 800cm2. How much does the paint cost?

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    What is the surface area of the container?

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    You need to know the "container" area that you are covering. Divide that by 800 cm^2 for the number of jars per coating layer. Double that for two coats. Then take the next larger integer if there is a fraction left over.

    Then multiply that integer number of jars by $6.05

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    So u use the formula for S.A which is 2*pi*r*h, but how do u know what shape the container is?

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    Unless the problem states what the container shape is, you don't know.

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    could u help me set it up? like with the formula and everything? it's just a little confusing.

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    plzzzz help!! thx.

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    anyone...? i need sleeppppp. plz tell me now if no one understands so i can go to bed and get in trouble for not finishing my homework tomorrow.

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    ANYYBODDYY plz it would be nice to know if someone had the knowledge to help me

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    Your problem cannot be solved without the area. I have no idea what kind of container you are talking about. Somewhere along the line, you have not communicated all the information needed.

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