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I'm doing a matching assignment and I'm stuck on the last 2. Could someone please help me?


(to be matched with)

Taxon of closely related orders.
Taxon containing closely realted classes.

I really don't understand this at all :S I've tried google and nothing seems to explain this very well. :(

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    I assume the subject is taxonomy (biology/botany). Maybe this will help:,+Phylum,+Class,+Order,+Family,+Genus,+Species+(taxonomy+order)

    The taxon (category) of closely related orders is a class. Are you sure the taxon of closely related orders is not a phylum?

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    For phylum I matched taxon containing closely related phyla or divisons.

    Is this correct? :S

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    I am not sure, but a phylum contains different classes. Some may not be closely related. A Kingdom contains different phyla.

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    Hello! The above match for phylum is incorrect. The plural of phylum is phyla. Phylum is more or less the same as division, except for animals they use phyla, for plants they use divisions.

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