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A bank loans a customer $35,000 for a period of 8 yrs. The simple interest rate of the loan is 10.7%.What is the total amount that the customer will need to pay the bank over the 8 yrs.

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    You could use this formula:

    Interest = principal * rate * time

    I = 35,000 * 0.107 * 8

    Add the interest to the principal to get the total amount.

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    Please check your multiplication.

    The interest for one year is $3,745.

    Multiply that by 8.

    Then add it to your principle.

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    It's 64,960 -- almost 65 thousand dollars.

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    A compound is made up of various elements totaling 90 ounces. If the total amount of zinc in the compound is 1 ounce, what percent of the compound is made up of zinc? Is it 1%

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    No. 1% of 90 ounces is 0.9 ounce.

    You could set up a proportion and cross multiply.

    1 / 90 = x / 100
    90x = 100
    x = 100 / 90
    x = 1.11111

    Let's check that. 1 ounce of 90 ounces is 1.11%

    011111 * 90 = 0.99999 = 1

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    Sue, thanks for helping my daughter Alyssa she has ADD and she is struggling in school. She has a IEP
    but she seems to score low on test and quiz's would i be asking to much if i requested that her teachers give
    her a study guide a week in advance?

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    That's an excellent idea. Or at least, they may be able to provide her with a syllabus for the next week or so.

    When I taught middle school, at the start of each unit I gave each student a syllabus, outlining the information covered and the homework for each day.

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