Ap World History

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This is my teachers first year teaching this class. So... I'm not the only one who has a D in that class.

I was wondering if some one can please give me some advice here on this class. I'm not exactly sure how to approach this class. A couple of days ago we had a unit two test. I spent like 8 hours studying and still got a d on the test. I guess my study habbits aren't good enough.

So how exactly am I suppose to study for this subject. Can I just sit there and read the whole text book duriong christmas break and come back a nerd?

I find that when I outline chapters it takes like 5 or 6 hours just to do one chapter and I can read it three times as fast.

I took note cards already of the whole text book and the vocab that they have so apearently its not helping...

please give me some advice on how to approach this class. I found great websites that have whole outlines of different text books should i just ingrave them into my mind?

I'm a visual learner and find it less laboruss. Are there any good websites that have documentaries on the subjects studies on world history?

I'm sure so guy with no life or some college professor published some guide onto the internet that has documentaries and everything but I haven't found one.

I'm in need of some advice on how to aproach this class and need some visual learning implements so i don't fall asleep reading for hours on hours.

desperate student who spends hours upon hours on this class and still fails...

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