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Make sure the following words are used correctly (lithe, temerity, facilitate, goad, inundate, solicitude, jocular, extricate, consternation.) Also, I need to use travesty any ideas where? Thanks so much

The only color she could still see was black. They were different shades of course, ranging from light gray to midnight black, but still just black. The jingling of keys could be heard down the hall, swaying and clashing, as consternation began to swirl around her head in the dark gray room. The continuous pitter-patter of rain only facilitated in her growing worry as she began to tremble in fear. The footsteps were coming closer and eventually the click of a key into a lock was heard. Sitting, shaking on the cold, moist floor she closed her eyes as the handle turned as he walked in.
“Oh my little gumdrop, I am so glad to see you today,” he exclaimed. She began to slither towards the closest corner but before an inch of progress was made, his voice boomed throughout the small enclosure, “You don’t want me to have to hurt you, Tessa. But you know that for moving, a repercussion obviously is necessary.” Tessa was immediately inundated with fear as she thought of what he would do to her. The solicitude was still rising as he grabbed her arm and extricated her from the room. He led her down the hallway, turning a right into the third doorway. Memories of her last expedition into this room resurfaced, the tingling, burning of bleach still clear in her mind.
He sat her down at one of the revolving chairs and began the chuckle. “You are a lucky girl today. I am in a very good mood so pain is a little too much. Therefore, degradation seems to be the perfect punishment to me,” he explained as he reached into one of the drawers. Shuffling around he finally found what he was looking for, a razor. She gasped as tears ran down her face. Her hands reached for her precious hair, soft and velvety as the buzzing sound was heard. The first strip came off quickly, but the hair rapidly clogged the razor. “I have to go get a saw. Go ahead and move, but you know what will happen,” he goaded her.
The room was usually the temperature of a sauna, but today Tessa noticed the heat was off, giving her an escape plan, both dangerous and precise. She tiptoed over to the large vent, her temerity becoming apparent to her. Using swift, lithe movements she crawled through the vent system knowing exactly where to turn. Suddenly, a creaking sound rang through the vents, a effect of her carelessness. A jocular laugh echoed through the vents. “Tessa, my little gumdrop, I don’t want to hurt you,” he cried. The light clear, Tessa scrambled towards the exit, taking in the radiant sun as she ran towards the closest house, smashing her frozen fists against the door. The door opened, and sighing in relief she murmured, “Safety,” before passing out.

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