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Phoenix Advertising
Date: 12/5/2008
To: Entire Executive Team
Cc: Mr. Forest
From: Mrs. Goodridge VP Human Resource
RE: Roanoke Branch Employee Concerns
As the Vice President of Phoenix Advertising Human Resource Team, I would like to review with all of you some of the concerns our employees at the Roanoke Branch have about there work.
I had a meeting with Mr. Forest the president of Phoenix Advertising. At the meeting we discussed some of the concerns that were brought up to us by employees at Roanoke Branch. The employees at the Roanoke Branch feel that there creative efforts are being rejected or revised, or altered without consultation. They also concerned about there current work overload being over looked as new clients are being added daily. The employees have to work longer hours without notice or compensation several days a week. They also feel like they are not part of a collaborative team. The employees noticed that there morale and productivity are declining day by day. The Roanoke Branch has lost two of there top management, and seven threaten to quit. This affects Phoenix Advertising as a company by

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