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Draw two lines under the verb in each sentence below. Indicate the tense of the verb.

1.The children of Israel have defeated Jericho.
2.The spoil from the city is the Lord's.
3.Achan, however, committed a trespass against the Lord.
4.He had taken clothing, gold and silver from Jericho.
5.Under his tent Achan hid the stolen riches
6.Now the Israelites will march against AI.
7.Soon, they will have suffered a defeat.
8.God will not bless them because of the accursed thing.
9.God tells Joshua how to find the offender.
10.Achan's sin had been responsible for Israel's defeat.
11.God, in His justice, has commanded Joshua and the people to remove the accursed thing.
12.Joshua has faithfully carried out God's instructions.
13.God will bless the Israelites for getting rid of the sin.

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    The verb is the "action" word in a sentence, and it tells what the subject does. You should make and effort to find the verbs yourself. Some of these sentences have two verbs; if so, choose the one that describes what the sentence subject does.

    For example, in #9, the subject is 'God' and the verb is 'tells'.

    Post your answers to the others if you would like us to tell you if you got it right

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