Algebra:quadratic equations

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How do you solve this by factoring?
4p^2 + 121 = 44p
I seriously don't understand and it's frustrating for me. Please help. (:

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    first you subtract the 44p from both sides to get 4p^2 + 121 - 44p = 0. Then you find two factors of 4p^2. They are 2p and 2p(2p x 2p = 4p^2). Then find two factors of 121 that, when multiplied with the 2p, equals 44p. they are 11 and 11(11 x 11 = 121)
    Set the quadratic up like this: (2p - 11)(2p - 11). If you multiply this out, it will equal what you started with!

  • Algebra:quadratic equations -

    So this doesn't involve finding pi and sigma then?

  • Algebra:quadratic equations -


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