spanish due in 2 hrs

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The assignment says Por Vs. Para

1. Para que usan los ipods?

PLEASE HELP WITH Answer: Yo usar los ipods por dos horas el dia.

2. Por cuantas horas estudias para una examen de mathematicas?

PLEASE HELP WITH Answer: Yo estudio cinco horas por una exam de mathematicas.

  • spanish due in 2 hrs -

    number one means for what do you use ipods? not how long. and conjugate usar. so it would be yo uso los ipods por.... etc.
    2. it means for how many hours do you study for a math exam. it would be yo estudio por cinco horas para una examen de matematicas.
    hope this helps

  • spanish due in 2 hrs -

    Para que means "for what" do you use the ipod. not how long.... You answered the other question correctly.

  • spanish due in 2 hrs -

    Look again at the question #1. It uses "Para" so that means no way will you use "Por." The verb is plural "usan" so that is either "they use" or "you-all use" but you will NOT answer in the "yo" form! Your verb must be plural also = usan (if you think it asks about "they") or usamos (if you think it asks about you all = we)

    #2 the question is incorrect. It must be "un examen." Then you are almost correct = Estudio cinco horas por un examen de matemáticas. (check spelling = no "th" in Spanish.)


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