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ok so im supposed to create a poem about child abuse...and i have some good ones but i totally just got writers block and i need help..here is part of the poem, any suggestions

it started with a pen and paper...
i write my emotions without thinking a bit
it happened so fat, did i even get hit?
i swear i did nothing wrong!
please help me god, help my parents to be gone

being abused hurts so bad, my inside and outside brused from my dad
what did i do to deserve this pain?
when i turned 10 my life spiraled down the drain

what heartless person hurts their child

and i cant find anything that rhymes with child!!! HELP ME PLZ PLZ

  • poetry -

    have me dreaming dresms so wild

    thats all i could think of

  • poetry -

    but im just a child
    only a soul filled with dreams of a day of freedom and bliss
    and no memories of moments like this

  • poetry -

    Be sure you spell everything correctly and use proper punctuation.
    fat = fast
    god = God
    it = It and i = I
    ;help my parents = otherwise the comma will give you a run-on sentence; there are 2 separate sentences in that line.

    brused = bruised

    rhyming with child = dialed, filed, piled, riled, tiled, wild

    This is a good start!


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