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what would $48.50 be rounded to the nearest tenth?

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    Think of forty-eight dollars and five dimes.

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    Well, taking the unneeded zero off the end might help you look at it easier.



    Currently, the 5 is in the tenth place. If you add .1 (one tenth) then it would be $48.6. When rounding, if the number in the tenth place is a 5 or higher, (like it is in this situation) is is going to be rounded to the next tenth. So, we need to do just that.
    48.5 rounded to the next tenth is...



    Now, just add a money sign to the front and zero at the end! :)

    Hope this helps!

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    What you just said applies to rounding to the nearest dollar, not the nearest tenth.
    In other words the 48.5 leads us to 49

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    So when 48.5 is rounded it equals 48.6?

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    48.50 rounded to the nearest tenth is 48.5

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