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Biology (respiration)

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1* fructose 1 6 biphoshate or diphoshate (which one is it exactly?)

2* what is the molecular formula for fructose 1 6 di/biphosphate? SOME SITES say

C(6)H(10)O(6)P and some say C(6)H(14)O(6)P...WHICH IS IT? making me real confused

3* what is the formula for glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate?? Some say C3H7O3P and C3H7O3P
??? IF its any of them!

  • Biology (respiration) -

    thats sooo obvious, silly!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Biology (respiration) -

    aw shut up u lil twat

  • Biology (respiration) -

    huh make me, no1 else has answered your question hahahahaha

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