Math 115

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I can't figure this one out.
Write the decilam equivalent, using the bar notation

Now, here are my choices for answers, and I do not come up with any of them

A. 0.6 (line over .6)
B. 0.16 (line over .6)
C. 0.61 (line over .61)
D. 0.61

  • Math 115 -

    7/18 = .3888...
    or .38 with a bar over the 8 to show the 8 is repeating

    none of your choices match that.
    1. you made an error in your typing, or
    2. "they" are wrong.

  • Math 115 -

    That's what I came up with also.
    My instructor seems to have a lot of "mistakes" when giving us multiple choice answers.
    I guess I will just show what I got and go from there.

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