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I know that "I would like to have a book" translates to:
"je voudrais avoir un livre"
But if I would like to say that I would HAVE LIKED to have a book, would it be:
"j'ai voudrais avoir un livre"???? And, if so, how is it for the other pronouns?
Does only the "avoir" conjugate or the "voudrais" as well?
tu as voudrais avoir un livre
il a voudrait avoir un livre
nous avons voudrions un livre,?? etc.

Somehow the "nous" sentence doesn't sound correct to me.

Merci de votre aide.

  • FRENCH -

    It would be nice if there were a past participle for the condtionnel as well.
    (or, perhaps, there is?!)

  • FRENCH -

    Take one more look at the English, "I WOULD HAVE liked." The auxiliary (helping) verb is in the Conditional and then the past participle of "vouloir" follows. "J'aurais voulu avoir un livre.

    Here is the Present Perfect = I have liked = j'ai voulu

    Here is the Past Perfect = I had liked = J'avais voulu

    Here is the Future Perfect = I will have liked = J'aurai voulu

    Here is the Conditional Perfect = I would have liked = J'aurais voulu

    See how the auxiliary changes. If the verb uses être in compound tenses, it's the same idea: present, imperfect, future, conditional of that helping verb, followed by the past participle.

    Now, let's take the "nous" = we would have liked to have? = Nous aurions voulu avoir

    Think you have it? For your last remark, you COULD say "there is a past participle WITH the Conditional!

    Sra (aka Mme)

  • FRENCH -

    Oh, I see! So for my example you would then simply use the conditionnel of "avoir" and the past participle of "vouloir".
    Ingenious - I like it!!
    Thank you so very, very much!!!!!

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