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College Algebra-Study Material

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I am going to take the CLEP (College Level Examination Program) College Algebra examine. I am trying to decide on what books I should use to prepare for this examine.

The following is what is going to be covered in this examine:

25% Algebraic operations

Factoring and expanding polynomials
Operations with Algebraic expressions
Operations with exponents
Properties of logarithms

25% Equations and Inequalities

Linear equations and inequalities
Quadric equations and inequalities
Absolute value equations and inequalities
Systems of equations and inequalities
Exponential and logarithmic equations

30% Functions their properties

Definition and interpretation

Representation/modeling (graphical, numerical, symbolic,
verbal representation of functions)

Domain and range
Albebra and functions

Graphs and their properties (including intercepts, symmetry,
and transformations)

Inverse functions

20% Number systems and operations

Real numbers
Complex numbers
Sequences and series
Factorials and Binomial Theorem
Determinants of 2-by-2 matrices

I have looked at several review books and text books. They all seem to approach the information in a different manor.

Would you happen to know if the following books cover the information I need to prepare for the examine?:

Teach Yourself Visually Algebra by David Alan Herzog

Effortless Algebra by Maran

If these books are not adequate would you happen to know of a book that is?

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