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1)In what ways are the societies described in "The Children of Men" and "Brave New World" dystopias?

2)For what common reasons do the characters of "The Children of Men" and "Brave New World" rebel against their respective societal values?

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    These sites may help you formulate your answers.



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    Thanks very much. I was able to answer the first question, but I am still unsure about the second question.

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    Your welcome.

    Why did the characters in each book rebel? Do you see a common reason or theme?

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    i don't really see common reasons why the characters rebel but i see similarities in plot. I see that the characters are opposed to the values of the society they live in, but it's required that I provide at least three reasons as to why the characters rebel against their respective dystopic society.

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    What values do the characters of both novels disagree with?

    Although I've read Brave New World, I've only read the plot synopsis of The Children of men.

    Aren't both societies dictatorships that remove individual freedoms? You could go into detail about the this loss of freedom in each book.

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    Very true. Thanks for your help, you have given me something I can definately work from.

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    You're welcome. I'm glad that I was able to help you.

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