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organic chemistry

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Partition (distribution) coefficient, k, of benzyl alcohol in hexane and water is 12.0. Choose for the correct equation for the amount of benzyl alcohol as x that you should use to calculate the amount of benzyl alcohol extracted with one 10mL portion of hexane from 500mg of benzyl alcohol in 10mL water.

A. 12=(x mg/10mL hexane)/[(x mg-500mg)/10mL of water]
B. 12=(x mg/10mL hexane)/[(500mg-xmg)/10mL water]
C. 12=[(500mg-xmg)/10mL water]/(xmg/10mL of hexane)
D. 12=[(500mg-xmg)10mL hexane]/(xmg/10mL of water)
E. 12=[(xmg-500mg)/10mL hexane]/[(xmg)/15mL of water]

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    Can you tell me what your main problem is here. It looks to me as if the correct answer is B.

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