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is this sentence correct?
i know these two women you are flanked by.

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    In formal English, we don't end a sentence with a preposition.

    Also, the pronoun "I" is always capitalized.

    Try rewording the sentence and repost.

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    Instead of using the words "flanked by", try using the phrase "with you".

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    For Mr. Krajden’s own interests, the determination of the bonus will be a high priority. As the manager of the business, he will also be concerned with the ability of the company to obtain adequate bank financing and conserve cash by postponing taxes. The needs of the bank may be satisfied by providing supplementary information on expected cash receipts and disbursements and summary information on accounts receivable. He may also want to ensure that the general-purpose financial statements show Teslin to be performing well and to be in good financial position. This might be achieved by recognizing revenue early to increase income and assets. This approach would also be consistent with Mr. Krajden’s wish to maximize his bonus. The information needs of Ms. Ishtiaque could be served by less formal reporting and the bonus could conceivably be determined outside the financial statements, although this approach may be inconsistent with the contract between Teslin and Mr. Krajden. (In other words, if the general purpose financial statements aren’t the basis for determining the bonus, could Mr. Krajden and Ms. Ishtiaque agree to an alternative?) Also, because she is an absentee owner, she may in fact rely on the general-purpose financial statements to assess performance although as the sole owner she could demand whatever specific reporting she wanted. In theory, the most valuable objective would be to minimize tax because it would free up cash for the company and thus be beneficial to Ms. Ishtiaque. Without knowing the financial strength of the company, it’s difficult to assess the importance of the bank to the company. However, emphasizing the bank’s information needs will also serve to increase his bonus. From this analysis, a number of reasonable rankings can emerge. Increasing (maximizing) income, tax minimization, or performance/management evaluation could be supported. (Students have to provide a ranking to lead their analysis of the revenue recognition alternatives.)

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