french reflexive verbs

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are these sentences in past tense correct?

je me suis lavée (f)
je me suis lavé les cheveux

je ne me suis lavée
je ne me suis pas lavée les(de?) cheveux
since in negative i always use de?

  • french reflexive verbs -

    this is what you put i pretty sure

    I washed myself (F) I washed myself the hair I did not wash myself I did not wash myself them (?) does hair since in negative I always use of?

  • french reflexive verbs -

    im asking if these sentences are correct
    not a translation in english

  • french reflexive verbs -

    i guess it would lol i think the endig doesnt make sence tho

  • french reflexive verbs -

    these sentences are correct

    Always "pas" for negative, and not necessarily "de"

  • french reflexive verbs -

    Please check #3: Je ne me suis pas lavée (you, of course, must be feminine)

    #4. You got #2, so look at it again. je ne me suis pas lavée les(de?) cheveux = should be "je ne me suis pas lavé les cheveux" = I did not wash my hair. Because hair is the direct object and follows the verb, there is no agreement with the past participle.

    To answer your question about "pas de" = you would in an ordinary negative sentence but in this one you are talking about "the hair" and not "some hair." In other words, this is NOT an example of the partitive.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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