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How do I draw a Born-Haber Cycle for diphosphorous pentasulfide? Formula: P2S5, but you knew that!

Thanks in advance!

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    I tried find one on the web for P2S6 but no luck. Here is one for NaCl. Use it as a template for P2S5.

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    I appreciate your help, but I've got several examples already. Drawing a Born-Haber Cycle for NaCl seems to be very different from drawing one for P2S5. I don't understand how to use the IE's (Ionization energies), especially because both P ions and S ions would have a 3- and 2- charge respectively. I understand that you can't or won't GIVE answers, but any hint would be greatly appreciated. (What would my teacher tell me to do?)

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    I think I just figured out what my teacher would do if I asked him how to do this; he would laugh. If I'm not mistaken, you can only draw Born-Haber Cycles for ionic compounds. P2S5 is covalent, so it's impossible. Any input? Is that true?

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