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Ms. Sue,

I have to select a politician or a famous person in the media and think how this person has used the three views of motivation. Please give me an example of a politician or celebrity that has used the three views(psychoanalytic, humanistic and diverstity. thanks

  • psy -

    I don't know how your text defines the three views of motivation.

    I'm sure, though, that these politicians have used every means of motivation possible in the last few weeks:

    Barack Obama
    Joe Biden
    John McCain
    Sarah Palin

    The humanistic and diversity views are obvious in all of their recent campaigns. I think you'll have to stretch to apply psychoanalytic views, however.

  • psy -

    Ms. sue,

    What would be a good definition for motivation evaluation.

  • psy -

    Motivation evaluation assesses the effects of specific motivational techniques.

  • psy -

    thanks a lot Ms. Sue.

    Have a great evening.

  • psy -

    You're welcome, Rose. You have a great evening, too. :-)

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